Women In STEM: Ynés Mexía: The Botanist of the Americas

STEM STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Today’s Woman in STEM mainly worked in the Science category. Introduction March is Women’s History month so even more of a reason to celebrate the female trailblazers in STEM.  Our second Woman in STEM that we will learn about is Ynés Enriquetta Julietta Mexía (May 24Continue reading “Women In STEM: Ynés Mexía: The Botanist of the Americas”

Animal and Plant Facts

I have been pretty busy this week as I packed and moved from Flagstaff, Arizona to Tucson, AZ for work.  Yes, I really have  a real full-time job; these articles are just for fun and to provide fun educational information for everyone.  Anyway, because of being busy with moving I didn’t have the time toContinue reading “Animal and Plant Facts”

Nyctinastic Maneuvers in the Dark

Plants can and do move!  Aside from growth, some plants can move in response to the environment around them.  One of the coolest movements, in my opinion, is nyctinastic movements.  By definition: Nyctinasty – (Nic-ti -nasty), is a type of movement where plants close their leaves at night and open them during the day (1,2).Continue reading “Nyctinastic Maneuvers in the Dark”

Only You Can Help the Scientists through Citizen Science!

Do you like hiking or walking outdoors?  Do you enjoy watching birds at the birdfeeder?  Do you enjoy the beauty of all the wildflowers?  Are you fascinated with space?  Do you like knowing the water in your nearby stream is clean?  Do you want to make a difference for our planet?  Then become a CitizenContinue reading “Only You Can Help the Scientists through Citizen Science!”