Women In STEM: Mary Anning (The Mother of Paleontology)

STEM STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Today‚Äôs Woman in STEM mainly worked in the Science category. Introduction The first woman in STEM we will learn about is Mary Anning: she is also known as the Mother of Paleontology. Most of the knowledge and skills she had was taught to her by herContinue reading “Women In STEM: Mary Anning (The Mother of Paleontology)”

Only You Can Help the Scientists through Citizen Science!

Do you like hiking or walking outdoors?  Do you enjoy watching birds at the birdfeeder?  Do you enjoy the beauty of all the wildflowers?  Are you fascinated with space?  Do you like knowing the water in your nearby stream is clean?  Do you want to make a difference for our planet?  Then become a CitizenContinue reading “Only You Can Help the Scientists through Citizen Science!”

The Great Traveler

One morning you wake up and as you step out of your warm cozy bed you realize it is cold!  It is the first day of the year that you turn the heat on in your house.  You step outside with your jacket on and the smell of autumn is in the air and youContinue reading “The Great Traveler”

Adventures with Adams

The eerie mist slowly rolls across the dirt path playing in my headlights providing the only light along the forested roads.  I hear the Spring Peepers still playing in my head, louder than when I was standing outside listening for them.  When we stop to listen at our next site we jump out of theContinue reading “Adventures with Adams”