Beat of the Stream

I wrote this in 2012 while spending time in nature at Schmeeckle Reserve in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  There is a wetland area called Moses Creek that was renovated in 2010.  Since the renovation had been completed it was one of my favorite places to go to escape into nature.  It was so easy for me to disconnect from the world just outside the borders of the reserve while here.  The writing below poured out of my head faster than I could write it down.  I was standing on one of the boardwalks looking out on the nature splendor of Moses Creek.  I transferred my scribbles to my computer when I returned to my apartment and called it “Beat of the Stream”.  I called it that because I wanted to show how everything within us and around us is connected.  I do believe that if we listen we can feel the connection with nature.  But I just never quite felt like it was finished, and that something was still missing.  Nine years later and I still think something is missing but this long after, I can no longer replicate those feelings and do not want to edit that moment.  I do hope to visit again someday and see how much the wetland renovation has taken root since I left Stevens Point in 2013.  But for now here is “Beat of the Stream”.

wetland in northern Wisconsin
Not actually in Schmeeckle Reserve but it still is an accurate depiction of northern and central Wisconsin. This is located on the Bearskin Trail in Minocqua, WI

I don’t know how anyone can look out on this world and feel nothing… 
not the stir of life from within nor the deep feeling of peace, 
I hear the sounds of the world: the baby geese chirping, the duck splashing in for a landing, 
the tree frogs calling, the stream flowing… the whole world is alive.  
The beating of my heart falling in line with the rhythm of nature… 
I take a deep breath in and fill my lungs with the strength of harmony, 
my blood flowing through my veins to my heart 
and then dispersing life throughout my body 
like the stream flowing down its banks 
dispersing out through the flood plains of the surrounding wetlands.  
My mind is like the peaceful drifting breeze carrying a multitude of birds 
chirping in an overlap of confusion.  
Never do I feel more alive than these moments I spend with my mind in the world.  
In tuned with the world, I know we beat as one. 

Canadian goose with baby in water
Canadian Goose (Branta canadensis with baby in Moses Creek

Mallard duck with babies next in shallow water
Female Mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) with babies in Moses Creek

For more information on the Moses Creek renovation in Schmeeckle Reserve check out their website here.

Published by Courtney Holly

AKA: Courtney The Frogologist. Courtney started this site to provide free science/nature education to all. After taking a break from school, Courtney received her B.S. degree in Dec 2013 from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point (UWSP). She had a double major in (1) Biology and (2) Wildlife Ecology: Research and Management. Courtney then received her M.S. degree in May 2018 from James Madison University (JMU). Her research thesis investigated the lung development in amphibian eggs, larvae, metamorphs, and adults. Courtney is a co-author on four peer-reviewed scientific research articles under the name Courtney H. Neumeyer. Since grad school Courtney has worked as an environmental educator, conservation educator, recruiter, technical writer, and STEM educator. Courtney has also lived all over the USA.

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